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Q: Why would I, as a volunteer, want to get involved?

A: After volunteering you will look at things a lot differently than before. You will realize that a lot of things that you thought were big problems are in fact very minor compared to what people with disabilities have to go through.


Q: If I would have a place available to hold an event, is there liability insurance for this?

A: Yes, we have liability insurance for all events.


Q: What is the definition of disability?

A: Anyone that cannot perform activities that able-bodied people normally can. This includes age.


Q: Do you have a chapter that we could belong to, or if not, would we be able to start a new one in our area?

A: Yes to both. Simply notify us through our website or by the phone number listed if you are interested. Also, if you would like to volunteer or know of places that we could hold events, please notify us as well.


Q: If I would like to donate money, or if an organization would like to, who do we contact?

A: Once again, you may contact us through the website or by the phone number listed.
Partnerships and funding are so very essential for this organization to survive, and we appreciate any contribution!


Q: When I contribute, where does the money go?

A: 100% to Midwest Outdoors Unlimited, State of Minnesota, split up into local chapter and state chapters.


Q: Why do these things for these people?

A: Just talk to a few of them and you will find how fast tragedy hits and that it could be you or a loved one you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

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