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Disabilities don’t slow hunters

by Tom Hintgen | The Daily Journal


Photo by Zak Holtan

Marvin Mansfield, front, hunted near Orwell Dam as part of the deer hunting for the disabled three-day hunt. In back is his son and mentor, Darin Mansfield.

Scott VanNorman and Curt Graves are pictured below. Scott is a heart transplant recipient.


Misssion Statement

Our mission is to provide outdoor recreational activities for Disabled American Veterans, disabled individuals and disabled youth in Minnesota. Because of their disabilities, the individuals and groups that we help don’t have enough funds, volunteers or help to do these things. Often times these handicapped people, who are family, friends and neighbors, do not have the opportunity to do many of the activities that others enjoy. Our goal is to help them to enjoy these actives that people who don’t have disabilities enjoy and to improve their quality of life, to help them feel they are not forgotten. Be it lack of funds or volunteers or the handicap accessible places to enjoy the outdoor recreation that others do.

You can help us change lives

People who live with disabilities are often reminded of their limitations. Would you like to help them turn that around, and remind them of what recreational opportunities they are truly capable of?

We provide safe, guided, hands-on outdoor experiences. We give friends, family, and the entire community a way to participate with those with disabilities in an open friendly way.

Help us build community

It's people just like you, the local folks, the local community that helps Midwest Outdoors Unlimited reach out to those with disabilities and help get them outdoors. You are welcome to get involved.