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Misssion Statement
Our mission is to provide outdoor recreational activities for Disabled American Veterans, disabled individuals and disabled youth in Minnesota. Because of their disabilities, the individuals and groups that we help don’t have enough funds, volunteers or help to do these things. Often times these handicapped people, who are family, friends and neighbors, do not have the opportunity to do many of the activities that others enjoy. Our goal is to help them to enjoy these actives that people who don’t have disabilities enjoy and to improve their quality of life, to help them feel they are not forgotten. Be it lack of funds or volunteers or the handicap accessible places to enjoy the outdoor recreation that others do.

You Can Help us Change Lives
People who live with disabilities are often reminded of their limitations. Would you like to help them turn that around, and remind them of what recreational opportunities they are truly capable of?

We provide safe, guided, hands-on outdoor experiences. We give friends, family, and the entire community a way to participate with those with disabilities in an open friendly way.

Help us Build Community
It's people just like you, the local folks, the local community that helps Midwest Outdoors Unlimited reach out to those with disabilities and help get them outdoors. You are welcome to get involved.
Midwest Outdoors Unlimited • 28791 325th Ave., Melrose, MN 56352 • Phone: 320.260.6023 • midwestoutdoorsunlimited@yahoo.com
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Midwest Outdoors Unlimited wins the MN Touchstone Energy Award

All Terrain "Action Trackchair" Gifted to Midwest Outdoors Unlimited
July 2016 Calendar Winners
Midwest Outdoors Unlimited has a 501C3 status. All donations are tax deductible

Please mail all donations to:

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited
28791 325th Ave.
Melrose, MN 56352

Call with questions: 320-987-3526

Email Questions: midwestoutdoorsunlimited@
Donations are greatly Appreciated!
05 - Loren Jorgenson - Belgrade
07 - Roger Sieben - Roscoe
09 - Randy Kuechle - Eden Valley
12 - Leon Pauley - Watkins
14 - John Schiffler- Albany
19 - Kenny Osterdyll-Mora
21 - Brad Karjala - Hinckley
23 - Carol Moorman-Melrose
26 - Zach Uphus - Melrose
28 - Jim Groetsch - Albany
2014 Orwell Dam Hunt - 2014
1st Prize: 6 1/2' Ice Castle Fish House / Utility Trailer or $5,000 Cash!
With ramp door - tax & license winner's responsibility

2nd Prize: Henry Boy .22 Rifle Raffle

Spring Hill County Park – Turkey Hunt
April 13-19, 20-26, 27-May3, May 4-10, 2016

Only 650 Tickets Sold! $20 Donation! Call Ron Welle for details - 320.260.6023
Click for Past Winners